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Tips on Setting Up a Photo Studio for Less in Your Home

If you are an amateur photographer in Brisbane and can't afford to go out and rent a photo studio to do you work, you may want to consider setting up shop in your own home. This not only makes it more convenient for you but it will also cost you a lot less money than going out and renting some space. Perhaps after you have been doing it for some time you might want to move onto a larger and more professional space. The difference between setting up a studio at home and somewhere else can be huge it could be a total amount of $800 vs $8,000.

Here are a few pointers on things that you can do in order to control the cost of your home photo studio in Brisbane:

Lighting – Instead of using expensive strobe setups for your photo studio consider the inexpensive shoot through umbrellas with an inexpensive probe you can get from an aftermarket supplier in Brisbane. Also try to avoid buying flashes from Canon or Nikon in the beginning their flash heads can cost as much as $500 each. Instead try using Vivitar that sells strong flashes for under $150. Use Amazon or eBay to find cushioned stands for your flashes you can pick them up for around $25 instead of the usual $200 you might expect to spend.

Reflectors – You can get white foam cores in 2 feet by 3 feet sheets at a craft store or black ones as well in 4 ft x 8 ft sheets that you can use as backgrounds and reflectors. If you want a wide selection of these for backdrops and reflectors you can do so for well under $100.

Backgrounds – It is a little difficult to use a green plastic tarp, it can however serve as a cheap Chroma-key background and you can then put anything you want in the background later using Photoshop. Other things you can do is create a custom hand painted background on your wall with browns and blacks dabbed onto a slightly light center. Or if you want to just a black background you can easily achieve that by simply lighting up your subject only.

Carrol Hoekman commented on 23-Feb-2016 01:00 AM
great. Thanks

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